Anti-Spam Policy Against Advertising our Website Using Unsolicited Messages

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2023


This anti-spam policy applies to the website and all of its subdomains (collectively, the “Website”), which are owned and operated by uCV Tech OÜ (the “Company”).

Spam is any unsolicited or unwanted electronic communication, usually sent in bulk for a commercial purpose. Spam can be harmful to recipients, as well as to the reputation and security of the sender.

The Company is committed to preventing spam and complying with all applicable anti-spam laws and regulations. The Company does not send, authorize, or tolerate any spam messages that are related to the Website or its services.

The Company uses various technical and administrative measures to prevent and filter spam, such as:

  • Requiring opt-in consent from recipients before sending any marketing or promotional emails.
  • Providing clear and easy opt-out or unsubscribe options in every email.
  • Verifying the identity and contact information of the sender.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the email campaigns and practices of the Company and its affiliates, partners, contractors, and agents.
  • Implementing security measures to protect the Website and its email servers from unauthorized access or use.

1. Policy Statement

This policy, applied to the website and all its subdomains, strictly prohibits the use of any form of unsolicited messages to advertise our website and services.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all individuals and entities, internally and externally, who plan and execute advertising activities on behalf of our organization.

3. Prohibited Activities

  1. Sending unsolicited emails (spam): It is strictly prohibited to send unsolicited bulk emails with the intent to promote our website and its services. Unsolicited email implies that the recipients did not grant verifiable permission for the message to be sent.

  2. Unsolicited social media messages: Senders should not exploit social media platforms by spamming users’ inboxes with unsolicited promotional messages about our website.

  3. Posting unsolicited messages on various online platforms: This includes posting links to our site on blogs, forums, social networks, or any other public space without proper context or permission where such content is not relevant or desired.

4. Consequence for Non-compliance

Non-compliance with this policy would attract severe penalties including, but not limited to, legal action, discontinuation of partnerships, and report to relevant internet authorities.

5. Compliance and Reporting

All advertising activities should adhere to the requirements of this policy. Any spam-related activities, abuse or suspected breach of this policy should be reported for immediate action to our team at [email protected].

6. Review of Policy

We reserve the right to review and revise this policy at any time without prior notice. However, the most current version of the policy will always be available on our website for review.

This policy is put in place to ensure ethical and respected advertising practices, we urge everyone to act responsibly while promoting our website and services. Using reputable, consent-based marketing not only aligns with ethical business practices, but it also enhances the reputation of and its subdomains. We appreciate your compliance and commitment to respect the digital rights of others.

If you receive any spam messages that appear to be related to the Website or its services, please report them to us immediately at [email protected]. Please include the full header and content of the spam message, as well as any other relevant information.

The Company may update or change this anti-spam policy from time to time without prior notice. The latest version of this policy will be posted on the Website. Your continued use of the Website or its services after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new policy.

If you have any questions or comments about this anti-spam policy, please contact us at [email protected].