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Jacopo M.

Junior Payroll

Sono un giovane laureando...
Jacopo Massicci headshot

Francesco F...

Front-end developer

Sono un perito informatico...
Francesco Fatuzzo headshot

Angelo P.

Data Analyst

Sono laureato in ingegneria...
Angelo Pasculli headshot

Davide M.

Data Analyst

Durante il mio percorso...
Davide Marino headshot
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Buona Manualita,O...
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In Person, Provincia d...
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Account Managemen...
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Partial Remote, 25121, Zon...
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Pacchetto Office,...
25K - 30K
Agente di Comm...
In Person, Campania,...
Full Time
Attitudine alla V...
30K - 40K
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uCV was created on International Worker's Day, on May the 1st 2020 for a good reason 😉
uCV is different from other platforms. On uCV you are the owner of all your data and profile. Employers can contact you without intermediaries, without even having to register on uCV. That's why uCV is yours too. Our license, available in both simplified and extended versions, grants you these rights.

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uCV is our gift to Jobseekers. Here you can create your digital CV, a professional online page that allows employers to find you without any intermediary. In addition, you will find plenty of resources to learn fundamental skills, starting with creating an effective curriculum vitae. Always free.


uCV will have a simple business model: contacting one candidate at a time, taking the time to write a message to them, will be always free. However, contacting more than one candidate at the same time will have a reasonable cost. This also serves the purpose to protect them from spam.

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We do not employ any tracking technology. All we know about you is what you included in your uCV, including your career history, and you can delete your uCV at any time.

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uCV contributes by releasing open source code. If you want to contribute too, you're already part of the team: